Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrating Success

Success should be celebrated and thus yesterday I took two young ladies out to lunch, because of their success.

This is Dawn Grasso, on the left, and Lynn Casa, on the right.  They both worked for me a little while ago, when I was a full time employee of Dynamics Research Corporation.  I encouraged both of them to get a college degree.  I did it because I think education is both helpful in the marketplace and it is self-fulfilling.

Dawn went first and got a Bachelor's Degree from Phoenix.  (Here is where you education snobs can turn up your noses, but I think there is a lot to be said for distance learning.)  Then Lynn went to school and just this last Saturday got her AA Diploma from Phoenix.
Lynn has already started on the Bachelor's degree, and good on her.

I would like to note that there was support from the family side.  For Dawn, Louis, who used to work for me and now works for MACOM, and for Lynn, Toni, who does contracting, up in New Hampshire.  Even if there is not help with the homework, the support is important.  I know my wife's support was important while I was going to night school to get a Master's Degree while we were stationed in Germany (USC Extension at Bitburg AB).  These non-standard approaches to education are a lot of effort.

Also important is paying for the education and Dynamics Research Corporation, like all good companies, has a program to help employees pay for their education, which they did in both these cases, with my successor, Ron Smits, carrying on the effort after I left.  As I recall, Ron got his Master's Degree from Old Dominion University at night while stationed at Langley Air Force Base, in Hampton, Virginia.

Yes, a reason to Celebrate.

Regards  —  Cliff


prodgers said...

Congratulations Dawn and Lynn! A good education is never wasted. Having just received a Master's Certificate in Acquisition and Contracting from American Graduate University, I can attest to the fact that distance learning takes a lot of hard work, commitment and self-motivation. It's not easy. Good for you both!!!

nealcroz said...

Wow!!! Good on Dawn and Lynn!!! As is often heard in the AF circles....Sierra Hotel.

I don't care what the academic snobs say, distance learning is among the most difficult education venues if only because you are likely alone in your daily pursuit of knowledge and must "dig it out with no outside help." Often too is the fact that in spite of its incredible potential to revolutionize the world of education at all levels, DL is often very poorly designed and even more poorly delivered. Big kudos to the University of Phoenix for the on the cutting edge of that technology and technique.

Its GREAT to hear of good things happening to GREAT people.

BTW, unlike Cliff who was at the top of the heap at the Mother Ship, I was a mere oarsman who benefited daily from the wisdom and guidance from these two excellent ladies. I am grateful.

C R Krieger said...

Lets hear it for Pam too!

And her husband, who likes airplanes.

Regards  —  Cliff