Saturday, June 4, 2011

Democratic State Convention—II

I was out walking around with Jack Mitchell, who got me this Press Pass and is now down on the floor, second row center, talking to Kristin Ross-Sitcawich.  As a result, I missed the Mass Democratic Party Chairman when he stopped by the Press Booth, but I expect he didn't say much, since I wasn't gone long.

It is 1007 and the lights have dimmed, suggesting that we are about to begin.

Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh has just walked up to the podium at 1017.  The Convention is called to order.  Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is not welcoming us and giving us our charge, as folks still stream in.

One of her lines is "While we live in an economy we also live in a society."  She touts that Massachusetts was the first state to challenge DOMA.  Calls for a moment of silence for those who have died and lost homes in the tornados. out west.

Then we move to the Invocation, where we get cites from the Book of Romans and the Book of Amos.—"Let Love be Genuine" and "Let Justice Roll Down".

Mr Bill Galvin, Mass Secretary of State, welcomes the crowd.  He refers to looking for Sarah Palin's "spaceship" passing by and saying "Don't you feel sorry for Mitt Romney" with all those other other candidates.  He then says that we face challenges in 2012, and the most important is a New Senator, who is not dedicated to indecision.  With redistricting, we have to prepare for challenges that will come.

Now the presentation of the colors by four members of the Mass National Guard, with the Pledge of Allegiance by the Lowell Boys and Girls Club and the National Anthem by three graduates of UMass Lowell

Suzanne Bump now talks.  Talks to about keeping Massachusetts Blue when the rest of the country was going Red (those who follow this blog know that I think these colors are silly).  She is calling to memory the progressive stances of the Party and urging returning President Barack Obama to the White House and returning the Kennedy Seat to a Democrat.  The Action Agenda being approved today reflects the values of the People of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  It almost sounded like she wanted to run for the Senate Seat in 2012.

Now Bob DeLeo, Speaker of the House for Massachusetts.  He talks to the victims of the terrible disaster out West.  Jobs and health care costs and making government transparent, accountable and responsive.  We, the Democrats, are protecting the recovery in Massachusetts, yet too many of our young people are swept up in hopelessness.  Goals are taking back the senate seat, keeping the White House and keeping Beacon Hill Democratic.

Treasurer Steve Grossman is next up.  Talks to making emergency funding available to schools in Western Mass damaged by the tornados.  The response was strong.  Touts moving Mass Government deposits to Mass banks.  Helping women owned businesses receive money.  Quotes FDR.

And thanks to the City of Lowell for hosting us.  Representative Niki Tsongas, State Senator Eileen Donoghue, Mayor Jim Milanazzo, State Reps Tom Golden, Dave Nangle, Kevin Murphy and the Greater Lowell Area Democrats (GLAD) leadership.  Mayor Milanazzo kicks off.  Then State Senator (and former mayor) Eileen Donoghue.  A sea of committed Democrats.  Then Rep Niki Tsongas steps to the podium, who thanks Eileen and mentions the Mayor and all  Niki invokes the late Ted Kennedy and her own late husband, Senator Paul Tsongas.  Lowell is the showcase for the active role of Government in helping save cities.  The Republicans want to eliminate that support and stop regulation and oppose equal pay for equal work and elimination of DADT and are against healthcare for all.  As Democrats we hold core believes that include healthcare as a right and not a privilege.  To restore our vision we need a Democratic Senator in 2012.

One thing impressive is that each speaker is short and hammers on the points.  Good discipline on the part of the people putting on the convention.

Regards  —  Cliff

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JoeS said...

"Goals are taking back the senate seat, keeping the White House and keeping Beacon Hill Democratic." - Robert DeLeo.

This may play in Party conventions, but it is what is wrong with politics today. Those are not the people's goals, and if you want to win elections you should be focused on their needs.