Saturday, June 18, 2011

WPA and the NYT

Has the President lost The New York Times or just the liberals?

Regards  —  Cliff

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nealcroz said...

If he has lost the NYT....and I suspect he has on most counts....he has lost the they are the median of the NYT audience.......and he never HAD anyone else to lose.

His arrogance is beginning to appear tyrannical and his countenance authoritarian. I suspect that his dream (or pathological narcissism induced fantasy) has exceed society's reality and is threatening on many many fronts to rapidly become a nightmare...for him....and for society. He has ratcheted up the pace to a fevered pitch for invoking irreversible changes to American society, and done so on so many fronts that even his lapdog leftmedia can't keep up, let alone his opponents in the Congress. This is becoming analogous to trying to at once prevent and immediately repair damage inflicted by an F5 tornado as it moves across the landscape...which is precisely what Obama's heroes in life....Saul Alinsky et al..) would advocate...."keep everyone in opposition off balance"

As a classic pathological narcissist, I believe that he would welcome an attempt to impeach him. It would not succeed, would represent in his mind a national vindication of his place and importance in the history of America, and would motivate him to redouble his current efforts and pace for change.