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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ring Length

I decided, after a while, that the time my iPhone rings before it dumps to Voice Mail is not quite long enough.  If my phone is in my front pocket and I am sitting in the car with my seatbelt on it is a near run thing to get it out and turn it on in time to answer the call.

So, I went to the Apple Store and talked to a very helpful technician, who said that she didn't think there was an available adjustment.  Then, a couple of days later, after getting my hair cut I nipped into the Verizon store, where a very nice young clerk gave me basically the same answer.

Is there anyone out there who knows how to add a few seconds to the ring on my iPhone?


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kad barma said...

Google can often be your friend: Maximum would appear to be 30 seconds, and you can find the instructions how on this support thread:

Scroll down to DanH's second post.

kad barma said...

Not sure how to do it if you, like me, are on the Verizon network...

kad barma said...

Best info I can find quickly suggests calling Verizon Customer Service is the way to do it on their network.

JoeS said...

Don't answer your phone when your seatbelt is needed.

C R Krieger said...

Based on Kad's advice I did call Customer Service and while the chap said that he coudn't fix the ringing time issue, he did give me an update to the software that seemed to provide the equivelent effect.  And, he was polite and showed interest in my problem and my perception of Verizon's service.  A good experience.

Thanks to Kad and thanks to Verizon.

As to the advice from JoeS, I understand, but I used to be a FAC, simultaneously running three radios, navigating and flying the airplane (without an autopilot).  It is hard to admit, even to myself, that I can't do it all.

Regards  —  Cliff