Friday, June 3, 2011

Not All Medicine is the Same

The e coli outbreak in Europe, which has infected some 1500 and killed four, suggests differences in treating diseases.  Here is the view from The International Herald Tribune.

But, are veggies all that good for you anyway?  Last April (2010) the Instapundit suggested maybe not.

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nealcroz said...

And then there are the several strains of MRSA that cannot be detected by the standard tests in use today.

We are paying for years and years of instant medical gratification and the millions of times threatened medical malpractice suits made good. We really never learn from history. When penicillin was first employed, there were almost immediately superbugs that loved the stuff. We have gone downhill since then.

The REALLY bad news is that there is absolutely NOTHING in the antibiotic pipeline....ZILTCH. Nobody wants to spend the money on the research necessary to produce the needed drugs....well...and folks..those antibiotics are just not that profitable anyway....but when you get a resistant illness, there are enough antidepressants being developed that you'll at least "feel good" while you are ill.