Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eliminating the Primary

While I expect everyone knows this, but just in case, the City Council voted to eliminate the primary.

Here is an extract of some of the comments, provided by Mr Dick Howe.

There is a scheduled sub-committee meeting this coming Tuesday, at 1730, to discuss a charter change to modify our primary election requirement.

This issue is not yet settled.

My own opinion is that in a Democracy process is important and this ad hoc suspension of the rules to save $40,000 (the Mayor's guess) doesn't reach the bar. We should be encouraging people to vote, not looking for ways to eliminate opportunities to vote.

Regards  —  Cliff

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kad barma said...

The political lynching (pun intended) of Andy Sheehan was brazen. The canceling of the primary by electoral participants is no less so. I'm amazed they can sit with straight faces and quote figures as their motivation. The bald political avarice of these six is, at least, impressive. If only they worked half as hard on behalf of the people who are (barely) getting a chance to vote for them...

I can't help but believe, if we were any larger of a city, we'd be getting national news coverage on this crap. Blagoyevich probably had a Sun subscription just for research.