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Monday, July 20, 2009

Fixing Traffic Lights

Back on 3 July 2009 I blogged on the traffic lights at the end of the Lowell Connector, where it merges with Gorham Street.  The problem is that at one point the three red lights each had a strobe to make you aware that you need to pay attention.  Very effective, as you can see further down Gorham Street, at the intersection with Union.  At that point it really stands out at a location where it is usually straight through.

At the time of the last blog post I noted I had previously called the City about the fact that for two of the three lights the strobe portion was burned out.  But, and this is no surprise, this is a Commonwealth issue and not a City issue.  So, on or about 3 July I called the State, but nothing seems to have happened.

This Sunday morning I ran into T J McCarthy, who said to call the Mass Highway District Four (4) office, down in Arlington.  I did what I was told and talked to a gentleman who said he would pass this to the people working the Lowell area.

So, it is back to the observation mode for a couple of weeks. If nothing happens, I will see if I can get an appointment with the District Highway Director, Ms Patrica A Leavenworth, PE, to talk about this.  I will then report back.

However, what I don't know is how long to wait.  If you have a thought, please drop me a comment (look for the "Comments" word at the end of this post).


Regards  —  Cliff


Anonymous said...

The lights where Thorndike meets Appleton are also a problem. It's easy to miss the red light that controls the intersection by Sir Speedy's because the next light, at Middlesex, is more visible. I had an accident there because I weas going by the wrong light--the further one.

C R Krieger said...

Anonymous has hit on a bit of a problem.  Around the Lord Overpass the lights are sometimes confusing. Coming East on Middlesex (toward the right side of Lowell) one comes to a traffic light with a right turn arrow.  It seems to me that the arrow goes green for Eastbound traffic at the same time it does for traffic coming up off of Thorndike and for Westbound traffic.  I am careful and it has not been a problem, but it is a question.  I am going to look at the lights by Sir Speedy next time I pass that way, since that is the route I usually take on the way home from school.

Regards  —  Cliff