Monday, July 20, 2009

Rep Jack Murtha

Sticking with The New York Times theme, the second editorial on Sunday was about Representative John Murtha (D-PA).

It seems remarkable that The New York Times would even mention corruption in the Democratic Party and even more remarkable that they would mention a Representative from a district that is in "flyover country". (Speaking of the District, Wikipedia says of the 12th that it is "heavily gerrymandered, and they are not wrong.)

It isn't like Representative Murtha didn't start out on the right foot.  He served in Korea as a Marine and also served in Viet-nam.  In fact, he was the first Viet-nam vet to serve in Congress.  He helped save the economically depressed District by his position in Congress, even ensuring the Penn Traffic Department Store became the Intelligence Center for the War on Drugs.

Somewhere it began to fall apart.  From being the winning coach he became the coach who was cheating to win. It is sad, really.  Now The New York Times is calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives to press a "full-scale ethics inquiry."  The editorial board has its reasons.
If not, the Murtha money trail could lead them back to the minority.
So, it isn't about right vs wrong.  It is all about the Republicans.

UPDATE  (Hat tip to my Brother John, who teaches some ethics at DAU.)

The FBI is now on the case.

Regards  —  Cliff

  For Greater Lowell, think Bon Marche but with more floors. As a side note, my Father's Step Father, Elit Felix, used to work at Penn Traffic, in the credit department.


kad barma said...

The sooner people stop paying attention to the little letters following the names, and start paying proper attention to the corruption itself, the better off we'll all be.

I find it frightening that both parties have succeeded in brainwashing their followers to always look for and at the persecution from the "other side", and to be compelled to mention it any time their party's malfeasance is discussed. It's a classic misdirection ploy by which every cheap parlor magician makes his or her living, and we have to be better than this.

C R Krieger said...

Well, actually it is because I was born in Johnstown, PA, in the Eight Ward, and I am embarrassed by the actions of Rep John Murtha.  It is made worse by the fact that I have operated in the defense sectors that includes some of the companies too close to Rep Murtha.

On the other hand, it we could root out all corruption, that would be good.

But, given that a lot of the population is all to willing to pick sides, this is likely some product of evolution.

Regards  —  Cliff