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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Palin, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

My buddy Bill, over in Chelmsford, sent along this thought...
Palin was criticized for lack of experience.  So, I believe she is leaving the Governor's office to look for a good CEO position where she will be mentored by a sympathetic board of directors.  Note:  I believe by law, she must be out of office for 6 months before taking a position that might involve contracts with the Government.  That avoids "the appearance of impropriety."  If she is successful, she will hand Romney his hat and show him the door.
The Democratic Party race for the Presidential nomination in 2012 is not nearly as interesting as the Republican race.  On the Democratic Party side you only have the President, the VP and the Secretary of State.

Regards  —  Cliff


kad barma said...


Oh, c'mon--a sitting Secretary of State getting into it with her Chief Executive on policy? And not some reserved actual professional like Colin Powell, but HILARY???

You must have a very different sense of entertainment than I do!

C R Krieger said...


I thought we agreed humor was in the eye of the beholder and a function of who one was with.

I will stipulate that politics is the greatest game in America.

Regards  —  Cliff

Renee said...

She won't run, but maybe her role will be the 'kingmaker' (or queenmaker) for the Republican nomination as noted in a Mercator article.

If she had the money to handle the lawsuits, I don't think she would of resigned. The Palins were well off, but they didn't have the deep deep pockets like other politicians.

I think back to President Clinton who was served his lawsuit from Paula Jones while president. He could afford it, despite it being completely embarrassing. I squirm thinking about the details of Lewinski. Bleh!

Maybe if Republicans didn't want the personal destruction of President Clinton, it wouldn't of set such a precedence?

Yeah, President Clinton lied under oath. Bad I know. Bad. The case really could of waited until he served his terms. We do have statute of limitations, but we need to make a good law about this.