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Friday, July 17, 2009

Out Back Question of the Week

Last week the question was about who is Andy Sheehan.  The answer is that he was our Assistant City Manager and he was let go when the City Council voted to cut the money for his salary, reasoning that they weren't really firing him, just cutting his salary to zero.  I wonder if Andy had been George Patton rich and had said he would do the work for free what the City Council would have said, on the floor of Council Chambers.

This week the question is, how did the Lowell City Council split on Councilor Jim Milinazzo's motion. This is not easily answered by checking Wikipedia.

Regards  —  Cliff


The New Englander said...


Fair point on the non-wikiability of the question.

For the 6-2 split, I'll bear in mind one CC on vacation (Broderick) and Kad Barma's Keep Making Lowell Elections More Competitive mnemonic.

The six coming down against CC Milinazzo: Kazanjian-Mercier-Lenzi-Elliott-Mercier-Caulfield.

So that leaves me with two ayes -- Milinazzo and Martin.


C R Krieger said...

mnemonic |nəˈmänik|
a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.

I had to look it up also.  For one thing, I am never sure how to pronounce it.  I expect I sound like one of my grandsons, who says MuZeeZum for museum.

Thus, Kad Barma's device; Keep Making Lowell Elections More Competitive—Kazanjian-Mercier-Lenzi-Elliott-Mercier-Caulfield—with all six voting against Councilor Milinazzo's motion.

Regards  —  Cliff