Monday, July 13, 2009

This says it all about PPT

Professor T X Hammes wrote an article for Joint Forces Quarterly about why Microsquish PowerPoint Presentations are a bad forum for decision making.  Someone then made a PowerPoint presentation of the article.

I think the first Gulf War was the first time that PowerPoint like presentations became a tool in the decision making process, although vu-graphs had been around for a long time, and their use was even taught at Staff College, when I attended in 1974.

Regards  —  Cliff

  No, I didn't read the article, I reviewed the PowerPoint presentation.

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kad barma said...

Scott McNealy, while president of Sun Microsystems, banned the use of PowerPoint entirely within his company for many of the same reasons. (Also citing the person-centuries of tail-chasing effort to manipulate clip-art as opposed to focus on the points intended to be communicated).

I still toil in one of the many circles of PowerPoint hell that exist all over high-tech industries, and I would concur 100% in the paper's observation that though it makes a pretty useful briefing tool, it makes a horrible decision-making platform, even though folks raised on its use can rarely understand the distinction.