Thursday, September 1, 2011

The President's Address to Congress

Now we are getting to the nub of the issue regarding the President's Address to Congress.  As we know, it was originally proposed for the evening of the Repbulican Primary Debate at the Reagan Library.  Supposedly at the urging of the Speaker of the House, it slipped.  So now comes Professor Ann Althouse, with this Blog Post.
"Steve Wexler, vice president of radio and TV operations for Journal Broadcast Group, said Thursday that WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) had asked that both Obama's speech and the football game be made available to NBC affiliates across the country.  That way, each station can make a decision on which event to broadcast.  In the case of the Milwaukee market, Wexler said WTMJ would show the game.  The president's speech would be carried on a secondary digital channel, he said."

It's an NBC game, and NBC is interacting with the White House, but here in Wisconsin, we want to watch the game.

I don't know about New Orleans, but Packer fans want the game.  At least give us the choice!  Does the leader have to take over all the channels?  What kind of message is that, in America?  Give us choice.  And give us football.
And then follows up with this blog post.

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Jack Mitchell said...

What a stupid distraction.

Political journalist for The Boston Pheonix, David Bernstein, writes:
The debate will air on MSNBC. If Obama gave his speech Wednesday, it would preempt the contest show, not the debate -- the folks who should have been upset are the women's-amateur-Human-Burrito enthusiasts, for whom I imagine this is a rare opportunity. I suppose that the debate might have gotten shifted to CNBC, worst-case scenario. Either way, I'd imagine the debate will be hard-pressed to equal the viewership of the last GOP debate, on the more Republican-friendly FOX News network, which nevertheless got trounced by an episode of Jersey Shore.Incidentally, this debate was originally scheduled for May, but was postponed for lack of interested candidates; it was rescheduled for September 14, and then rescheduled to the 7th to accommodate candidates who weren't going to show up on the 14th. Maybe they would have be more interested in attending if NBC was actually willing to put them on the network -- but I bet Romney refused to do the Human Burrito challenge.