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Monday, February 25, 2013

Bad Presidents

For John, BLUFThe past is a strange place, peopled by folks whose motivations seem strange to us.  But, there is also good to be found there.

I usually note that Jefferson Davis was the worst Democratic Party President this Nation has had.  It is a point of view.  Washington Post Writer John Kelly takes a somewhat different approach, arguing that President John Tyler was a traitor.  It is to be noted that President Tyler became an independent in 1841 and so remained until his death in 1862, while he was helping to organize and form the Confederacy.

The interesting footnote to the article is this:

Just to get back to John Tyler:  Did you know two of his grandsons are still around?  Tyler had 15 children, the last when he was 70. One of those sons had his last child at 75.  That’s how two grandsons of a president born in 1790 are still alive.  Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. lives in Tennessee.  Harrison Ruffin Tyler lives in Charles City, Va., on the family plantation, Sherwood Forest, which is open for tours.
Interesting debate in the article.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Neal said...

Funny. I would have thought BOTH Dubya and Obama would have tied for the honor.