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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stopping Vaccinations

For John, BLUFPolio workers being shot for fear they are Western "Operatives".

Someone EMailed me about this article in The Wall Street Journal, but I found it at Greenwich Times.  It is about Nigerian gunmen killing a number of women engaged in giving polio vaccinations.

Gunmen suspected of belonging to a radical Islamic sect shot and killed at least nine women who were taking part in a polio vaccination drive in northern Nigeria on Friday, highlighting the religious tensions surrounding the inoculation of children in one of the few nations where the disease still remains endemic.
This is like what is happening in Pakistan, where some relate the killings to the US used of polio workers as a cover for gathering information on the late Osama bin Laden.  Yes, this appears to be in the Muslim portion of Nigeria, though it might be culture under the color of religion.

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