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Friday, February 1, 2013

Chuck Hegal?

For John, BLUF.

Over at the Althouse Blog is a short discussion of the nomination of former Senator Chuck Hegal to be Secretary of State.

I'm inclined to think the President deserves the Cabinet he chooses, and I don't approve of destroying a guy just because there's blood in the water.  But honestly, don't we need a stronger Secretary of Defense than Chuck Hagel?
I am thinking that circumstances will be driving whoever is SecDef.  There is the Fiscal Cliff and it's manifestation as Sequestration.  There is the spreading of al Qaeda franchises into new areas, such as Mali.  Mali is already involving US Armed Forces in support roles, and maybe more.  There are island disputes all along the Pacific Rim—involving China vs Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Viet-Nam, and more.  There is the playing out of the Arab Spring and the issues involving Iran and Syria.  What mischief is Russia up to?  Then there is both Mexico and South America.  Yes, whoever is SecDef will be working hard to keep ahead.

But, I agree with Professor Althouse.  The President, by and large, deserves the Cabinet he picks.  "Good and hard", as H L Mencken would say. Regards  —  Cliff   

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