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Saturday, February 2, 2013

New MassGOP Chairperson

For John, BLUFThe Mass Republican Party may be on life support, but it is fighting to survive, or at least fighting.

It took two votes, the first one being questioned for how one ballot was declared void, for Quincy City Councilor and State Republican activist Kristen Hughes to beat our own State Committeeman, Rick Green, for Chairmanship of the MassGOP.

I attended the debate on 17 January and thought the then three candidates were all serious and all had something to offer.  The closeness of the race, 41 to 39, shows that the State Committeemen and Committeewomen were impressed by both Ms Hughes and Mr Green.  It also shows that competition is alive and well within the Party.

Here is Blue Mass Group discussing the election.  The video at the bottom shows why I think of Ms Hughes as being Reese Witherspoon playing Elle Woods, minus the Chihuahua.

Congratulations to Ms Kristen Hughes, Chairman of the Mass GOP.

Regards  — : Cliff

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