Monday, February 11, 2013

Veterans Step Forward Please

For John, BLUFA Veteran looking for fellow Vets to take a Survey.  Possible fodder for City Life Break.  Send Vets here.

From the University of Chicago, we have this request from a student to help by participating in a survey—if you are a Veteran:

My name is Alfredo Gonzalez and I am a second year PhD student in Political Science at the University of Chicago.  I am also a former U.S. Marine and I am conducting research concerning ideas of military service, political participation and citizenship.

I’m asking for your help from one veteran to another service member (active or veteran) to take part in this survey that I created.  By taking this short 10 minute survey you will help us in understanding the role military service has on citizenship and political participation.  In order to take the survey just click on the link below:

Here is the link,

It was easy to do and no hard questions.

Regards  —  Cliff

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