Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sun Poll

For John, BLUFThe Mass GOP is in disarray.  On the other hand, the Mass Dems have no new ideas they can sell to Harry Reid.

Today's edition of The [Lowell] Sun had the results of a previous day's poll on "Who will you support in the Democratic primary for US Senate?"  The options were US Rep Ed Markey and US Rep Stephen Lynch.

The results were interesting.

  • Ed Markey—39%
  • Stephen Lynch—61%
That is a difference of 22 percentage points.

I grant you that only 329 people responded to the poll and they are likely readers of The [Lowell] Sun, but readers are more likely to be voters, I would think.  Still, a small number.

But perhaps a telling number.  Maybe Democratic Party primary voters don't wish to be told who to vote for, as happened in the last Senate race.  I kind of liked the other Warren, Setti (fellow Vet), and the Immigration Lawyer, Ms Marisa DeFranco, esq.

In the mean time, the question is what the Republicans are going to do, now that former Senator Scott Brown has dropped out of the race.  The Sun has an article in today's edition, as well as an Editorial.  They are pushing former State Senator Richard R Tisei.

The Sun also has an analysis by Ms Allison Thomasseau, Statehouse Correspondent, saying the Mass GOP must rebuild from the ground up.  From Ms Thomasseau's mouth to God's ear.

From Lowell's State Committeewoman for the Mass GOP we have this, from the article:

But Susan Slade, a 1st Middlesex District GOP committee member, said it would be good to have a young woman leading the party who could reach out to different demographics.
Her opposite number, as State Committeeman, Rick Green also talked to Ms Thomasseau:
"Obviously it was pretty close, but I accept the will of the committee.  They made a choice and I respect that," Green said. "Now it's all about working with Chairman Kirsten Hughes."

Green said he saw himself as "an agent of change" and Hughes as representing the party's traditional approach to politics. The two candidates represent the division within the party.

From the Greater Lowell Tea Party we have these thoughts:
"I'm not surprised, but I'm somewhat disappointed," said Thomas Gilroy, head of the Greater Lowell Tea Party.

Gilroy said Green would have brought necessary change to the Massachusetts GOP, which has become too moderate for some conservative Republicans.

"There is a certain faction within the GOP ranks that is very unhappy with the current administration, and (the leaders) don't reach out to them at all," Gilroy said.

Remember, the Republican Party in Massachusetts is a very big tent.  We have pro-choice as well as pro-life members and we even have a slug of members who want to drop the whole subject and maintain status quo.  Of course there is always news reporter George Stephanopolous around the corner, trying to stir up trouble.  Why doesn't he ever ask Democrats about their stand on eugenics?

As a bonus, "The Saturday Chat" had a review of the 1972 John Kerry race for US Representative in the 5th Middlesex, when that was our district.  It even mentions the "Watergate Like" breaking.

Back to "rebuilding from the ground up", we will see who shows at the Lowell Republican City Committee meeting this coming Thursday, at 7:00 PM.  The meeting never goes past 8:30.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER:  Remember, articles in The [Lowell] Sun go away after a while, to a different place.  I will not be updating their links unless I am bedridden and have read every book in the house.

Regards  —  Cliff


kad barma said...

For all your excuses that the "Tea Party" wasn't or isn't a de facto extension of the Republican party, it's telling that you'd quote its membership related to internal Republican party matters.

So can we finally retire the charade?

C R Krieger said...

I went to the Greater Lowell Tea Party quote because it was "Greater Lowell".  There were others I could have quoted, such as a Professor from Obscure University somewhere in the Commonwealth.

There is not a direct organizational tie between GLTP and the LRCC.  The officers of one are not officers in the other.  That said, members of the GLTP do show at LRCC Meetings from time to time, and visa-versa.  I have been to Tea Party meetings in the Chelmsford Library.

There are members of the GLTP who would not admit to being registered Republicans.  There are a couple of members of the LRCC who might feel the GLTP is a bit à outrance for them.

The one thing I do push, and which others deny, is that neither the Republican Party, nor the Kock Brothers, nor both, fund the local Tea Parties.  Maybe somewhere, but not in Greater Lowell.

Tim Gilroy is a person with strong opinions and I felt it reflected a view that is out there.  On the other hand, I am working over in my mind a blog post on Friday's City Life, where Brian Bond, a Democrat from Dracut, says the Republican Party needs to move toward the Center.

What I want to know is who the "Unenrolled" are running for US Senate this year?

Regards  —  Cliff

Jack Mitchell said...

Shame on you, Cliff, for propagating this canard: Maybe Democratic Party primary voters don't wish to be told who to vote for, as happened in the last Senate race.

From me:
"The seven democratic candidates who plan to run for the senate seat in 2012 include Tom Conroy, Marisa DeFranco, Alan Khazei, Bob Massie, Herb Robinson, Setti Warren and Elizabeth Warren."

There was a debate and everything.

Most assuredly, Sen. Warren had the wind in her sails. That is to suggest, 'She didn't build that.' However, she certainly didn't crash it, either.

So, stop your FUD mongering. Your pet gripe, Ms.DeFranco couldn't get elected dog catcher. Not because of some evil cabal aligned against her, but because she doesn't have the right combo of 'stuff.'

That may throw you off some, suggesting that a person might be lacking in something. As the GOP as made it a practice to carry horrible candidates to the fore.

You should listen to us Democrats, btw. We seem to have a knack, especially in MA.

PS. You are better off with Ms. Witherspoon. Not that she'll develop a real groundgame. GOPers write checks, not volunteer. And, the young voters that do vol? Well, they are with us. Back to the Future was a movie, not a viable political philosophy.

Renee said...

The Democratic Party is the strongest, where it is demographicly the weakest. I think some things are totally 'effed up in the Red States, but demographics and economics are on their side. One day I may do some extended traveling outside of New England and see that side.

The MassGOP needs balance and principles, not being moderate and independent.

I don't understand why the MassDems poop all over DeFranco?

Renee said...

And stop having GOP consulants bad mouthing social conservatives. Either will not vote or vote Democrat for social programs for pregnant women and fathers.

" Mr. James's draw for these men is not only that he is a fiscal conservative who supports abortion rights and same-sex marriage, or that he is a colorful show horse in a field of gray. (At a debate the other night, he kept standing up when it was his turn to speak, even as everyone else settled politely into their chairs.)"

A republican that will pay for a woman's abortion, but not S.N.A.P (food stamps). A republican that support marriage simply as a right between two people, but won't fund fatherhood programs.

But he stands up at debates!

C R Krieger said...

Marisa is an Immigration Lawyer, not a member of some White Shoe Law Firm.  She is scrappy.  That can't be good.

If you run into her, send her to the LRCC Meeting on the First Thursday, at 7:00.  Maybe she is a Republican and just doesn't know it.

Regards  —  Cliff

C R Krieger said...


You didn't think the powers that be pushed the others to the side of the road to make room for Professor Warren?  Seemed that way to me.  But, I was an outsider, looking in.

I don't recall seeing her at the Convention, where I met Mayor Setti Warren and Lawyer Marisa DeFranco, esq.

As for fear, uncertainty and doubt, those are not characteristics I wish to deal in.

You've got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
And latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mister In-Between

You've got to spread joy up to the maximum
Bring gloom down to the minimum
Have faith or pandemonium's
Liable to walk upon the scene

Hat tip to Johnny Mercer

Regards  —  Cliff

Jack Mitchell said...

Kahzei, Conroy & Massie are no push overs. Setti? Meh.

If they each lowered a bucket into the well, and it came up dry, that is Sen. Warren's fault? What about 'free markets?' Donors and vols are free to choose.

If you doubt the MADems can pick freely, you can ask Gov. Tom Rielly. Oh, wait. He got beat by an outsider named Deval, who knew how the caucuses worked.

Criticize the Dems to your hearts content, but this DeFanco thing is a canard.