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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cruz vs Trump

For John, BLUFThe Rush Limbaugh view.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

At this time the Doctor of Democracy, Rush Limbaugh, is explaining how Senator Cruz began his run for President as "the outsider".  Senator Cruz was running against the Establishment on both sides of the aisle.  He was thinking he would be running against the likes of Governor Jeb Bush.

And then Mr Donald Trump entered the campaign.  Nobody expected that Mr Trump last past Thanksgiving.  Not even Senator Cruz, who was going for the same voters as Mr Trump—those who had been alienated from the Establishment.  For this purpose the Establishment was that collection of people who ran for office, promising change, but then never really followed through.

But, Senator Cruz, who is behind in the delegate count, is ahead of Mr Trump in knowing the arcane rules of the Party.  Thus he is out there picking up delegates in Caucus States and is out looking to elect Delegates in Primary States.

Elect Delegates?  Absolutely.

The Delegates, per the Republican Party Rules, are pledged for the first round of voting at the Convention.  If, according to the extant rules, Mr Trump gets 1237 Delegate Votes in the first round of voting at Cleveland, come July, then he is the nominee.  Done deal.

However, if Mr Trump doesn't win on the first round the delegates (except Florida) are unbound and can vote for whomsoever they want.  That means Senator Cruz or Governor Kasich, or with a rules change, Governor Jeb Bush or Senator Marco Rubio could be the nominee.

So, how does that apply to us?  This is why the Republican Caucuses will be important, including the Massachusetts Republican Caucuses this Saturday, 30 April.

If you are a Massachusetts Republican and have been since 10 February of this year, you should find your Caucus and go.  Once there, ask about what the candidates think they will do on the second ballot, or the third.  Then vote your conscience.

An important note.  The Caucus opens at 9:00 AM, for Registration, and at 10:00 the doors close for the Caucus itself.  Be there or be square.

Regards  —  Cliff

  If you just don't know about who you want the delegates to vote for, EMail me.
  If you don't show, don't whinge over the outcome.

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