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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

E Warren and H Clinton

For John, BLUFThe article suggests Senator Warran as VEEP Material.  Maybe.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Over at MassterList is this brief blurb about an article on Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Regarding MassterList, I see it is a Drudge-like news aggregator, but with a more Centrist view.
Ruining a perfectly good Liz Warren argument with over-the-top superlatives

Robert Kuttner makes the non-original argument in the American Prospect that it's indeed Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, not just Bernie Sanders, who's pulling Hillary Clinton to the left on many issues and beyond.  And that's exactly what she's doing.  Yet Kuttner's hero-worship superlatives about Warren are over the top and more than a little embarrassing: "a compelling life story.... hardscrabble roots... did it as a single mom ... a hybrid of the breakthrough appeal ... a shrewd legislator ... progressive straight-talker ... knows how to play both an inside and an outside game ... many of the strengths of Clinton and of Sanders without the blemishes ... shrewd ... a mark of her tactical brilliance and toughness ... mark of Warren's influence and political acumen."

Republicans discount Senator E Warren at their peril.

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