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Monday, April 25, 2016

The UK and the EU

For John, BLUFEven President Obama has weighed in on this important issue.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From Samizdata we have this quote:
The referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU has thrown many things into sharp relief.  It has made more visible the fraying of the Tory Party that has been brewing for a few decades now.  It has demonstrated that the politics of fear is everywhere, being peddled by both the Leave and Stay campaigns, and even being openly celebrated by one pro-EU columnist on the basis that ‘fear alone has a purity you can trust’.  But most strikingly, the referendum campaign has confirmed the death, or at least utter exhaustion, of a left that believes in democracy, in change, in people.  In throwing its weight behind the Stay campaign, having historically been suspicious of the EU, the left has completed its journey from demanding democracy to supporting technocracy.
– Brendan O’Neill
The quote puts its finger on something important.  That is, do we trust the messiness of democracy, or do we pine for the assurance that it is the best possible world under the guidance of our betters, the technocrats.  Technocrats running our world is what Brussels promises.  Brussels being the home of the European Union.

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Should the United States keep its nose out of this issue?

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