Friday, April 15, 2016

Sweet Memory

For John, BLUFDark Chocolate helps you sleep, I am told.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

"Combat candy:  As M&Ms turn 75, a look at sweets in service".  This is an article by Mr Kevin Lilley, of The Army Times.
U.S. military-issued chocolate pre-dates the modern-day MRE, and even the C-ration.  With one of the service’s key suppliers celebrating a milestone this year, here’s a look at some sweet history.
And, thus flows the history.

One of the interesting parts to me is that M&M comes from a partnership of Mr Forest Mars Sr. (think Mars Bars (and Uncle Ben's Converted Rice)) and Mr William F. R. Murrie, formerly president of Hershey.  For World War II M&Ms had but a single customer — the U.S. military.

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Wikipedia says it was the son of Mr William Murrie, Mr Bruce Murrie.

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