Saturday, April 23, 2016

Curt Schilling Says...

For John, BLUFCan we have some privacy here?  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Mr David French, writing in National Review, talks to "Curt Schilling and ESPN’s Hypocrisy".

I think the bathroom side of various "bathroom bills" is overblown.  At the same time, I think firing someone for expressing an opinion on the issue is also overblown.  Here is the lede paragraph plus part of the next:

Curt Schilling tells blunt and uncomfortable truths, so there is no place for him in progressive corporate America. Last summer, ESPN suspended him for a personal Facebook post that rightly compared Muslim extremists to Nazis and rightly noted that even a minority of extremists can cause catastrophic conflict. But in the world of progressive corporate politics, the truth is “Islamophobic” and must be punished.

Yesterday, ESPN fired Schilling. His offense? Posting a crude meme on his personal Facebook page that took direct aim at allowing men access to women’s restrooms.

Read what he said at the link.  And read the Writer's comments, which, basically, suggest that ESPN is going to crater because they (1) have a lousy business model and (2) don't know their audience.

As for the bathroom issue, as bathroom, it appears to be a non-issue.  Unless you know that Sally, walking into the lady's room used to be Samuel, and Sally isn't up to political theater or being a peeping tom, it doesn't make any difference to you because you don't know the difference.  The peeping tom thing can be dealt with by calling the police, assuming your local district attorney plays it straight, legally speaking.  There is nothing we can do about the political theater thing, except to individually walk away in disgust.

Communal showers are another issue.  I think the privacy and dignity of all the people in the shower should be considered and to force a different view on those who are concerned is tyranny.  On the other hand, if you look like a female, we should treat you as a female.  If you are "in transition" (physically) then schools and other institutions with communal showers should be making special arrangements.  It is like women (men) in men's (women's) locker rooms after a game.  Locker room might be OK, but please not the shower.

Hat tip to the InstaPundit.

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