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Thursday, April 21, 2016

E Warren for VIP?

For John, BLUFAssuming Ms Clinton gets the nod.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

From MASSterList we have this comment on the trial balloon in today's edition of The Boston Globe
Liz Warren is not going to be Hillary’s VP choice

There.  We said it.  But just in case we weren’t clear: Liz Warren won’t be Hillary Clinton’s VP choice, speculation in the Globe to the contrary.  Clinton may be a bad campaigner, but she’s not dumb.  General elections are about winning the political center.  Clinton knows this.  She also knows that excitement over the prospect of a female winning the White House will galvanize her left-wing like no other issue this fall.  The vast majority of Bernie Sanders’ supporters will come around by late summer or early autumn. They will smell victory and know history is in the making.  Clinton needs to shore up the center, not the left wing and female vote.  She doesn’t need Liz Warren as a running mate.  Because we assume Clinton understands all of this, we assume Liz Warren won’t be Hillary’s VP choice.

Here is the article from The Boston Globe.

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