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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Lowell Blog is Going Away

We are apparently losing a blogging voice here in Lowell.  Renee Aste, who lives up on Christian Hill, is going back to work and thus has to re-jiggle her life.  She is giving up her blog.
I started blogging to get my mind away from the law, because I wasn’t going to practice for some time. Well it seems being an active attorney might be on the horizon, a far away horizon.  Still need to transition out being home full time, which means dropping this.

I need to stop blogging.

I can be reached via my profile.
Here is my EMail to Renee, which captures what I think about this

I am sorry to see you are hanging up your blogging slippers.  I have enjoyed reading your blog.  Your voice was important to providing a more rounded picture of what is (or who is) Lowell.

Good luck on your new venture.
Since "End of Nihilism" is her second blog and she started her first one in 2005 I suspect she may be back some time in the future.  With technology changing the way it is, perhaps by then it will be a whole new approach to communicating one's thoughts.

Regards  —  Cliff

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