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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Senator Galluccio, Again

Way back last week the Out Back Question of the Week pertained to how the judiciary handled a hit and run accident by one of our State Senators from here in Middlesex County.  Let it be noted this is NOT our State Senator.

Well, the gentleman in question, State Senator Anthony D Galluccio, flunked his alcohol screening.  He is claiming it is his tooth paste.

Here is the key paragraph from The Lowell Sun:
Cambridge District Court Judge Matthew Nestor ordered Sen. Anthony Galluccio to stay in his house at all times until a Jan. 4 hearing to determine whether he has violated the terms of his probation.  For now, he cannot attend Senate sessions, which he had been allowed to do under previous terms of his home confinement.
I am willing to believe it was his "Colgate Total Whitening and Sensodyne toothpastes" that caused the problem with the breathalyzer tests.  But, what comes to mind is the quotation I have heard attributed to Curtis LeMay—"I can not distinguish between the unfortunate and the incompetent and therefore will not try."  This seems to fall into that category.

We will see what transpired on 4 January.

UPDATE:  One of our readers thinks that the comment "... one of our State Senators..." is a bit ambiguious.  He is correct.  One might thing that I was writing about one of our two Federal Senators.  I was not.  I was talking about one of the forty Senators elected to the Great and General Court, on Beacon Hill, and not one of those 100 men and women down in DC.

Regards  —  Cliff

  As many of us know, The Lowell Sun archives its stories after 30 days and one has to hunt them down and relink.  As that is unlikely to happen for this blog, here is the same story in The Boston Globe, a local newspaper way down in Suffolk County.
  My first indication of this story was when I got a Text Message from The New Englander, who also sees the humor in this very sad situation, although not in this blog post.  The good news for the State Senator, as both Greg and I know from our past associations with the Armed Forces is that he is not an up and coming O-3 (Captain or Navy Lieutenant) or O-4 (Major or Navy Lieutenant Commander).  If he were, his career would be finished.  As a State Senator he has the chance to pull it out before it craters.  All he has to do is stop brushing his teeth, or switch to baking soda.

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