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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunset Clause

I have been meaning to complement City Councilor Rodney Elliot for suggesting last week that we put a "Sunset Date" on the increase in the hotel tax.  Not that there is anything especially egregious about the hotel tax.  Rather, on principle, every item passed by the City Council that is not a commemoration of someone or something should have a sunset clause with it.

When an ordinance is proposed and passed it is assumed that it is good for ever.  We have found a problem and permanently fixed it.  This is just not so.  The problem may change.  The problem may have been misunderstood.  The solution may have been ill founded.  There may be a better idea out there.

Under our current approach an ordinance is passed and stay on the books for ever and the world has moved on.  Remember when we found that we had a law on the books here in the Commonwealth about not granting a marriage license to a couple if the marriage would be invalid in their home state?  Wasn't that embarrassing?

I hope that Councilor Elliot keeps asking about "Sunset Dates".  It is a great idea.

Regards  —  Cliff

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