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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Obama Doctrine

Reporter Jake Tapper (ABC) reports that an "Obama Doctrine" has emerged.  The four key points are:
  1. that the US must hold itself to a higher code of conduct, hence his invocation of his ban on torture and his order of the closure of the detainee center at Guantanamo Bay;
  2. that the international community, if it is truly serious about trying to avoid war, must fully engage tough diplomacy against rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran that would keep crises surrounding those nations from becoming wars;
  3. that the world must engage with governments of ill-repute, and try to bring them back into the fold; and
  4. that a nation's hostility towards human rights and economic injustice cannot be allowed to thrive, for those conditions lead to war in the long term.
The test is who supports it and who doesn't.  Former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, doesn't.  Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin does.

I am with the Governor on this one.

Regards  —  Cliff

PS:  Hat tip to Instapundit


The New Englander said...

I'm in lockstep on 1, 3, and 4 but have a problem with number 2.

What exactly does it mean to be 'tough' with states like North Korea and Iran?

I think those types of states know the answer, and I think they play their hand pretty loosely as a result.

Renee said...

Sorry to make this more about Palin, then international policy. But the media keeps putting Palin out in the spotlight, not sure why?

It scares in a strange sense, how much I end up agreeing with Palin even as a 'fan' of hers. Palin recently wrote a piece concerning the environment. Actually I only heard a blurb, so eh, I shouldn't be noting it. People (locally) have to realize how much the Left has changed. People who even identify with progressive policies need to hard look at what they may be implying.

For instance I love to recycle and the promoting resources that work with nature, yet Al Gore and friends have a disturbing view of humanity that Palin doesn't.

Here is a article regarding climate change from Spike!
" Treating human beings as little more than carbon" As the Copenhagen summit starts, the rise of eco-Malthusianism shows the anti-human, future-fearing essence of climate-change alarmism."

"There was a time when people who measured the value of human life through sombre calculations based on cost-benefit analyses were regarded with suspicion and contempt. Throughout most of history human life has been valued in and of itself; it has been seen as possessing a special quality that could not be reduced to quantities to be measured by misanthropic accountants. Yes, the human body also has a physical dimension, and it can be reduced to its chemical constituents. But isn’t there also something very special about life?"
"What is truly disturbing about this, from a humanist perspective, is not simply that there is a silent crusade against the unique quality of human life, but that there is an almost complete absence of anger about it, a lack of any critical reaction against it.(my emphasis) In modern times, there have always been small coteries of Malthusians, eugenic fantasists and bitter misanthropists who were estranged from children and who regarded babies as an imposition on their existences. Thankfully, these people tended to be consigned to the margins of society. Not any more."

The other day I sort made an emotional statement on Mr. MillCity that progressives are 'liberal fascists' but yet they don't know it, nor do I believe that is their intent.

This dehumanization the has overwhelmed progressive policies was most recently comments by John Keller, in the latest primary stating the candidates
"No wonder the Democratic Senate primary has been such a dud. With the exception of the occasional ad featuring fixed-income seniors or blue-collar diner waitresses, the candidates have sent a clear signal to most potential primary voters who are not way-out lefties that this race isn't about them; it's about who can pander the hardest to the folks who think abortion is a sacrament, (my emphasis) that "war is not healthy for children and other living things" constitutes a workable foreign policy, and that we shouldn't even consider the death penalty for some lunatic who blows up the Pru Tower."

and in the mean time there is this opinion... of all things found on a language blog
"NOW is in the wrong fight. The issues should be about access to affordable healthcare and jobs. Without addressing these issues, NOW and others have nothing to offer the average Jane and in consequence, have allowed Sarah Palin and her elk to define women's issues."
It should of be Palin and her 'ilk'. Common mistake, but still rather punny.

Craig H said...

Along the general lines of being more confident in an opinion when someone you disrespect disagrees with you: I never cared very much for John Bolton. (And I'm also agreed with Marie that the swimsuit model from Alaska's opinions are less than relevant to questions of foreign policy, and it's insulting that we're ever left with them in place of someone else's more qualified).

In regard to The New Englander's issue with #2, I would suggest that global trade relationships are the sorts of bonds that supercede nationalist hegemony, and if the "tough" stance is accompanied by amended trading opportunities, (i.e. putting conditions on food exports and enforcing other sanctions), then successes like the international community's influence on South Africa's resolution of their Apartheid situation can be achieved. (It's also worth noting that Libya has been better behaved of late, which isn't to say "well behaved", exactly, but better, now that we're engaging).

"Speak softly and carry a big stick" is one of those aphorisms that modern diplomacists can keep near at hand.

ncrossland said...

Like Cliff, I am with the ex-governor. I am continually amazed at how well the MSM has assasinated not just the character of Sarah Palin, but her intellect as well. It is as though by being female and very attractive, one must cede intelligence and ability. The public trashing of her is simply putting her in her place for stepping out of line. Of course, we applaud cutie Katie because she is "sharp, in, etc., etc.

I agree, carry a big stick. Unfortunately, our stick isn't so big any longer.....and it is pretty old and fragile too.