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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


When we were living in England we went in to London to see a number of plays, one of which was "No Sex Please, We're British".  It was a comedy and while panned by the critics, it was well received by theater goers.

The play title immediately popped into my mind when I read this BBC article, Noisy sex woman admits Asbo breach. The term ASBO stands for Anti-Social Behavior Order.  This is when you get told by the Government to stop doing that awful thing you are doing, which is so disturbing to your neighbors.  Do we have such a thing in the US?  Maybe not yet.

At any rate, the woman, 50, disturbs her neighbors when she and her husband are going at it.  The ABSO bans her from making loud noises when enjoying her marital duties.

I have no thoughts to offer on this issue at this time.

Regards  —  Cliff

PS: Hat tip to Ann Althouse.


The New Englander said...

But by referring to it as "marital duties" thoughts are being offered just the same.. :)

C R Krieger said...

I see "marital duties" as being the mutual respect and giving that exists, or should exist, in a marriage.

I guess I was offering a thought.  Marriage is good and should be fostered by ones friends, neighbors and relatives.  In fact, it is so good that the State should work to stay out of the way and thus not encumber marriage.  (On the other hand, when marriage involves denial of freedom or criminal activity there is a reason for the State to respond.)

(My wife warned me to skip this one.)

Regards  —  Cliff

Unknown said...

Cliff, in America we have plenty of space, the Brits need to find a muffler I guess

Ron Smits said...


She was right, of course, but I appreciate your frankness about your time in England. We saw the play as well.