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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Register to Vote

I just now received an EMail from "The Greater Lowell Tea Party", with the subject line "Register to Vote".  Frankly, I wondered what that was about—but it is absolutely correct.
This Wednesday is the deadline to register to vote in the January Special Election!  Anyone not yet registered, should go to your town/city clerk and fill out a small card.  It takes two minutes.
Whatever your flavor of party, or distain for parties, voting in the Special Election in January is important.

Whether you like Scott Brown or Martha Coakley or Joseph L Kennedy (no relation), or none of them, you should be voting on Tuesday, 19 January.

Replacing the Teddy Seat Warmer with a REAL US Senator is important enough business that it has its own Wikipedia page.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Sometimes you just have to picked the least bad of several bad options.  While I don't feel that way for this election, I have felt that way about others.  If one stays away it says to whoever wins that things are fine.  If you don't believe things are fine you need to send the signal by showing up and voting for your least bad choice or for your favorite high school teacher or someone, so that the Parties, and Capitol Hill, get the message that you are not happy with the options.

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