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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Out Back Question of the Week

Law Professor Ann Althouse today blogged about a New York Times story, "Plan to Move Guantánamo Detainees Faces New Delay".

What surprised me was Ms Althouse's lead line:
So the Guantanamo detainees won't be moved to Illinois after all?  I am so not surprised.
That is pretty harsh from someone who voted for Mr Obama.

And, it looks like Emily Bazelon has lost the bet to Ann Althouse on this one.

I guess I am not as cynical as the Law Professor.  I thought maybe we would get the transfer.  Apparently, the Democrats in the US Congress don't feel as strongly as some about ending the symbolism of Guantanamo.  On the other hand, if you were being held as a terrorist, would you rather be in GITMO or in a Super Max in Illinois?

So, this is a two part question:
  1. Was the President serious about closing GITMO or just being cynical in making a gesture, but not believing the US Congress would actually support it?
  2. If you were a terrorist, would you rather be at Club GITMO or at the Super Max in Illinois?
Regards  —  Cliff

  Frankly, I feel sorry for the residents of Thomson, Illinois, who may well have been looking forward to the jobs inherent in having a couple of hundred prisoners in the local Correctional Center.

1 comment:

ncrossland said...

OK Cliff, I'll bite. First, I think the whole Gitmo move was/is little more than political theatre and Obama puffery...which is becoming quite tiresome.

Second, I would prefer the Supermax if only because I would be much more accessible by the ACLU and CAIR. Once dragged out from under the juridiction of the military, exhoneration becomes not only possible, but quite likely.....along with reparations.

After all, this is the Land of the Big BX.