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Friday, March 18, 2011

Che, Told Right

I went to this site from a link at the Instapundit.  The post was about Che Guevara.  Here is a paragraph that captures it for me:
Every time I see some privileged person protest touring, I think of Che.  Every time I hear about some insurrectionists starting shit in other people’s neighborhoods, I think of Che.  Every time some twenty-something white dudes audaciously roll into a room like they have all the answers – summarily dismissing the experience and knowledge of everyone else there – I think of Che.  Every time I see some supposed radicals who can’t recognize how inappropriate it is to “lead” or “save” or “help” the poor people or black people or brown people, without bothering to ask their opinion about it, I think of Che.
I think she has it about right.  The Che t-shirts make me wonder what the wearer is thinking.

Regards  —  Cliff


Jack Mitchell said...

Kinda like an American flag or yellow ribbon bumper sticker?

Rote is rote.

C R Krieger said...

The reason I don't think it is exactly the same is because Che was not just a jerk, but he was a bigoted jerk and one who was cruel.  And no one called him on it.  Sure, the US has its Abu Ghreb and the like, but we haltingly try to deal with such things, and such people.  No so with Che.

The Blogger and I probably don't agree about much, but we do agree about this.  I am neither an anarchist nor an atheist, which she is.  But, we do have some common ground.

Regards  —  Cliff

Renee said...

Reduce your carbon foot print, protest local.

Anonymous said...

I probably get a bit more concerned/upset/observant/etc. if I see some self appointed intelligensia with a Cambridge or Amherst home address wearing a Saul Alinsky tee shirt.

Che is a bit the US for the moment.

On the hopeful side, the Eurpoeans....who Obama wishes we would all cherish and emulate....have just declared that wearing a crucifix in school is just fine. Imagine!!

Well...who said the Europeans know anything of value?

Jack Mitchell said...

I wasn't assigning moral equivalency. I thought you were highlighting how nitwits wrap themselves in icons, not really knowing that there is depth and complexity to the brand.

As undeveloped youngsters attempt to brand themselves as edgy, nonconformists; multitudes of "real Americans" spout the patriotic canards of the bumper sticker braintrust.