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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What If?

Over at the Instapundit we have an invitation to a thought experiment.
So, suppose between the earthquake(s), the tsunami(s), the vulcanism, and possible large-scale radioactive contamination, the decision is made for all Japanese to leave the Islands.  All.

Do we charge them to come here or pay them to come here?  Front of the line in immigration?  Hypo, of course, but perhaps cause some thinking in one direction or another about why one chooses either answer.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Anonymous said...

Given a society that is able (as reported and observed in the media over the past few days) to stand or sit in long, painfully long, lines waiting for meager necessities....all without any rancor or displays of greed (think Katrina), I would say they would be a pleasant addition to our country....perhaps even a welcome social discipline.

On the humanitarian side, if we are indeed the Christian nation we claim to be, we will welcome them and make a home for them....because they need one.

Listening yesterday to 96.9 Talk Radio, I was appalled and surprised to hear the venom from callers regarding the plight of the Japanese. I'd say easily 50% basically were saying, "Hey, the get what they deserve, screw'em." Sad!!!