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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Our Elected Representatives to Check In

Back to The Boston Globe.  Today The Globe published a letter from Mr David Wade, Chief of Staff, Office of Senator John Kerry, Washington, DC.

The gist of the letter is that Senator Kerry is reaching out to the People of Massachusetts.

This reason this is relevant is that I was called out by a Commenter

Here I talked about my reaching out to our three folks down in Washington.  That was 22 March.  It was a follow-up to to this blog post.

So, Monday a week ago I reached out to all three and Scott Brown's crowd got back to me the next day.  I was asked by the John Kerry crowd to send down an EMail.  I followed up today and spoke to the same person and she said she would try to track down where my EMail went after she forwarded it for a response.  It is not in the main office, since my contact is in the Foreign Affairs office.  The chain of command there is a little murky in my mind.  Information to follow, I am hoping.

Now, with regard to Rep Tsongas' office, I was nicked by one of the Commenters for not working that angle (although I had called down to the office and spoken to a human being):
They pick up the phone at Niki's Lowell office.

Or would that detail mess up your meme?

Niki is constantly out and about the District and, I find, very reachable.
I admit that I had planned on stopping by the Lowell Office on Monday, for a one-week follow-up, but didn't make it.  I took longer than I expected when I went in to work to finally file my travel voucher from January.  I will try again tomorrow.

But, as has been noted, Senator Kerry should have hired the late Senator Kennedy's constituent services staff right after the funeral.  But, I give Mr Wade credit for pushing back at The Globe.  And, if I am still adrift in April I will reach out to him.

But, in the mean time, Senator Kerry does have an OpEd in The Wall Street JournalThis link is only to the beginning, since I am too cheap to subscribe.  Who do they think they are, The New York Times?

I did find it at the Senator's web site.

Regards  —  Cliff

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