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Monday, March 21, 2011

Its Air Force Day

And, since we gave you a picture of an Air Force Tanker Pilot in the last post, here is a picture of an EC-130J.  The impressive thing is that it is a fairly modern C-130.
This is COMMANDO SOLO and I suspect it is home based in Harrisburg, PA, but at least one of these models is currently off Libya, doing Psychological Operations, or whatever it is called these days in the Pentagon.  The COMMANDO SOLO aircraft is a a flying Radio and TV Station.

Its mission right now is described well by Wired Magazine's "Danger Room".  The Article lede is:
The U.S. military has dispatched one of its secret propaganda planes to the skies around Libya.  And that “Commando Solo” aircraft is telling Libyan ships to remain in port – or risk NATO retaliation.
More good work by the Air National Guard.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Anonymous said...

One of the neatest aspect though is that it is a J model