Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Fast and Furious" Documents

Let me get this straight.  The Attorney General, Eric Holder, is asking Congress for documents on the ATF Operation "Fast and Furious"?  The request involves Congressional testimony by DoJ personnel.

Doesn't this seem a little inverted?

As an aside, this brought to mind Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay's admonition to those going to the Hill to testify.
Never lie to Congress.  You don't have to blurt out the truth, but never lie.
Words to live by.

Regards  — Cliff

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nealcroz said...

A time honored legal maneuver.....when you are guilty as sin, you ask your accuser to provide documentation of that guilt. Holder is a slimeball of the first order....second only to Dubya's whacked out first AG in terms of being a danger to the Republic.