Saturday, August 20, 2011

Newspaper of Record

Blogger John Hinderaker at Powerline gives us an example of errors at The New York Times which appear to be politically motivated.  I think "politically motivated" sounds better than "amateur hour".

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Jack Mitchell said...

Powerline drivel. A sampling:

Darrell Issa is a brilliant businessman who made a lot of money the old-fashioned way: he earned it, rather than marrying or inheriting it as so many Democratic politicians do.


That, of course, would make Issa one of the richest men in America–richer even than John Kerry’s wife–which he obviously is not.

I can only wonder about the veracity of the NYT piece. Unfortunately, this asshat Hinderaker discredits himself from the get go by flaunting his unbridled and, worse yet, irrational contempt for the Left.

The metrics of "marrying" and "inheriting" are dull.

I, myself, don't value inherited wealth as much as self-earned. But, the lottery of birth, being what it is, is not enough to condemn someone. I think George W. Bush is a shame, in spite of his folks.

Questioning marriage? Should we stoop that low? Here's an idea. let's setup matrimonial inquisitions. I'm dying to know, not so much why my spouse married me, but why she has stayed?

You must be curious yourself.

Utter drivel and a poch on this blog.