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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gerry Nutter is Not Wrong Here

The Nutters are getting kudos on this blog today and they are not even related.

I think that Blogger Gerry Nutter is not wrong in suggesting that a little compassion be mixed with Justice in the case of our former city Clerk, Richard Johnson.

Mr Johnson did wrong.  Through his lawyer, Kevin Murphy, he has offered to make restitution.  He is done in City Government, at least in Lowell.  He has paid a high price for his transgression.

On the other hand, everyone I have ever talked to agreed that Mr Johnson ran an office that was customer oriented.  In much of government today that is unusual.

At 57, he has at least 13 more working years ahead of him.  In my book I would like to see those productive years, in which he uses his skills at a job and pays taxes and buys goods, helping to sustain the economy.  Here is a chance to apply punishment and not then pick up a charge to the public taxes.  We have too many people in prison as it is.

Gerry Nutter is correct here.

Regards  —  Cliff


Anonymous said...

Having never posted here before, but having left a message on Gary's blog I thought I would share my thoughts. I disagree with both Cliff and Gary on this issue.

Yes Johnson has had a tough time of things lately, we all can say that at some point in our lives but it is NOT mitigating circumstances and those of us with equal or greater trama in our lives do not steal!

He made a deliberate decision to take the money violating a trust that the city council and public at large placed in him.

If the CC decides to go along with Rep Kevin Murphy and not pursue criminal charges it would be a grave mistake and certainly others in a position to do things like this would get the message…play along to get along!

Anonymous said...

The above was written by me, Eleanor Rigby but I don't see how to use my name so I picked my good friend Ann Onymous' name :)

C R Krieger said...



I think it is the third button down, "Name/URL".

Regards  —  Cliff

Eleanor Rigby said...

Thanks Cliff