Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Limits on Federalism

The discussion over what the Federal Government can mandate (for instance, it can mandate a draft and citizens to fight our wars) let someone to mention this quote, noting that in Daniel Webster in 1814 thundered:
Who will show me any constitutional injunction which makes it the duty of the American people to surrender everything valuable in life, and even life itself, not when the safety of their country and its liberties may demand the sacrifice, but whenever the purposes of an ambitious and mischievous government may require it?
But then that was 1814, when he was a US Representative from New Hampshire, before he became a US Senator from Massachusetts.

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nealcroz said...

And nothing has changed from Webster's contention. The only reason for the intrusiveness of Federal government into the lives of individual American citizens is the contention that there is actual authority endowed by the Constitution to regulate interstate commerce....a contention that for liberals means almost anything they want it to mean...but mostly...the authority to control the very minute actions of the citizenry as well as to control and redistribute the fruits of their individual labors. the very crux of the Tea Party Movement...a movement that is growing in intensity.