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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Corrupt Politician Standard

For John, BLUFCorruption should not be tolerated.  It puts a reasonably honest person at a distinct disadvantage.

I think it is time for Republicans in Tennessee, and Republicans across the nation, to call for Tennessee State Rep Curry Todd to resign.  Here is the politician's Wikipedia page.

Sure, I feel sorry for him.  I am sure his divorce was devastating to him.  However, in the aviation dodge this is when the Flight Surgeon intervenes and calls the Squadron Commander and says the chap should not be flying for a while.  In this case the chap should not be legislating for a while.

And, the outstanding example of his lack of judgement is living in the home of a lobbyist.  I don't mind if he lives there as long as he resigns his office.

Hat tip to the Instapundit, who lives in Tennessee.

Regards  —  Cliff


Neal said...

"Corrupt politician"......isn't that repeating oneself? We've long ago sailed past any moral and ethical purity metric when it comes to politicians and political office. It has become such a high stakes, big money, massive power business that it invites corruption, large and small, significant and borderline insignificant. I would venture that at the very least, any politician vying for Federal office is engaged in an entire litany of "little white lies" as well as many "big whoppers" and shields from "the truth." When one decides to engage in national politica and recites the prequalification pledge that "I am the great and wondrous Oz"....the lying and misrepresentations are well under way.

This is precisely why the founders had such a distrust of government, particularly that of a CENTRAL government where the temptation for all encompassing power is nearly too much to resist. It is also why "term limits" has never really died....although bringing them into being is asking the foxes to outlaw foxes eating chickens.

The dominant political standard today is corruption.

Renee said...

He had no friends/family in his OWN district, not even a campaign volunteer!

Sad man.

Renee said...

The upscale part irks me, Niki Tsongas has a condo/apartment in one of the mill complexes right?

So what if it isn't anything more then a 'crash pad' when she is in Lowell. She's here!

C R Krieger said...

I actually know some local politicians and they are, by and large, a pretty decent lot.  Do they face a lot of different pressures, sometimes doing things that I think of as dumb?  You bet.  I reserve the corrupt term for chaps like the one in this story and folks like Randy Cunningham, and that fellow with all that cash in his freezer, and most politicians from Chicago.

But, we have to be vigilant.

Regards  —  Cliff