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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Farewell to Arlo and Janis

For John, BLUFComics being rotated in The Sun.

Arlo and Janis have left the building!

Or at least The [Lowell] Sun.

Been gone for over a week.  Did you notice?  I wonder if the Editor finally realized that it was not always a family friendly strip, what with the "Arlo Award" being named after it.

I have suggested replacing it with Jump Start.  The artist lives in Conshohocken, another former mill City on a river.

Regards  —  Cliff


Craig H said...

I'm happy to say this tree finally falls in the forest of a newspaper I don't get. ("Get", as in "receive", though alternate interpretations are also in this case possible). In the day, Arlo and Janis was the only other strip other than Dilbert that I would even bother to read. Makes perfect sense that would be the one they'd kill.

BTW, I'd never before seen or heard of CIDU. Funny that folks would find Jimmy Johnson's little middle-aged-couple gibes in any way "un-family". My kids started reading it along with me from just about the very moment they could read, and it was never difficult to explain the "adult" connotations whenever they might appear. Sad that so many people might lack appreciation for the affection in which those jokes are made, and only see "blue" in them. (Now THERE'S a loaded pun...)

Ironic also that some of us would this week be discussing the merits of heterosexual marriage based on perceived advantages of heterosexual sexuality, while simultaneously squirming in our seats at even the most innocuous expressions of it. Am I the only one who might be worried that we teaching our kids that their sexuality is taboo, no matter what it is?

C R Krieger said...

Maybe.  I have always thought we learned about sex from our exploration of our own bodies and what our slightly older buddies taught us at around age ten to twelve.  I don't think I was yet a teenager when I heard the fundamental libertine expression (or sex education fundamental proposition), "Spend a Nickle and save your pickle".  But then, I grew up in the era of Pottery Barn Rules—"you create it, you own it".

Reards  —  Cliff

Neal said...

HA!!! I grew up with the fear of knowing a fate worse than death itself would await me the second my parents found out I'd gotten to third base...actually, first was a sort of tenuous place. Such was the fear that if Janet (whose surname shall go to the grave with me), the blonde with a bra size suggesting two beanies with chin straps, had unveiled herself in front of me in all her willing glory (I had many nocturnal dreams about that).....I would have become so inhibited by fear that I would have suffered instant, acute ED.

Had it not been for Betty Paige, I'd have never survived puberty intact......