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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul Talks and Talks and Talks

For John, BLUFThe filibuster is a tool for drawing attention, and it works  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Here is Law Professor Ann Althouse's take on the Senator Rand Paul filibuster, with over 200 Comments.  From the first comment:

Nice bipartisan effort with Ron Wyden (D-OR) among others.

Best line was when he said that Jane Fonda on the AA gun in North Vietnam (NEVER!!! forget)would have been droneworthy under Obama's definitions.

But then he said "I don't care much for Jane Fonda but I don't think she should be killed extra judicially". (Quote from memory)

The filibuster is over, having lasted just under 13 hours.

UPDATE:  Here is a fairly favorable review from The New Yorker.

UPDATE:  At the "BLUF" I earlier conflated Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Paul Ryan.  I have corrected that.  It is Paul Ryan who goes to the White House today, for lunch.

UPDATE:  The White House has issued a statement, saying "No" to attacks on Americans in America.  I just hope they didn't have their fingers crossed when they issued the statement.

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