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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Smart Policies vs Dumb

For John, BLUFEvery solution has within it a new problem.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

I am not blogging to encourage the sex trade, but it does exist.  Given that it exists, should we not be smart in how we regulate it?  This article talks to how the New York City Police are distorting behaviors in adverse ways.  It seems that if New York City's Finest stop you and you have more than one condom they take you in for prostitution.

First, it just seem un-American that the Police are stopping folks on the street and searching them for condoms.

But, to the consequences:

  • In the age of AIDS and events of STDs, why are we discouraging sex workers from carrying and using condoms.  By the way, the Center for Disease Control estimates a direct cost of $16 Billion a year for STDs.
  • While I see the use of artificial birth control as inherently sinful, not everyone does, so why is a Government agency creating disincentives for sexually active women not in a committed relationship to carry condoms?
It seems to me we should be having more thoughtful policies.  Allowing sex workers to develop sexually transmitted diseases is a way to discourage the sex trade, but it doesn't seem like a good way.

As an aside, if this was a policy that someone could link to the Roman Catholic Church, or any other religious institution, the ACLU and others would be on it in a New York Minute.

Hat tip to the Instapundit.

Regards  —  Cliff

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