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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Higgs Boson Maybe Found

For John, BLUFFinding the building blocks of everything—Higgs boson.

Scientists are confident they have found the long sought subatomic particle, the Higgs boson.

Or not.

"The preliminary results with the full 2012 data set are magnificent and to me it is clear that we are dealing with a Higgs boson, though we still have a long way to go to know what kind of Higgs boson it is," said Joe Incandela, a physicist who heads one of the two main teams at CERN, each involving several thousand scientists.

Whether or not it is a Higgs boson is demonstrated by how it interacts with other particles and its quantum properties, CERN said in the statement.  After checking, scientists said the data "strongly indicates that it is a Higgs boson."

As an aside, aren't paragraphs supposed to normally have an intro sentence, a main sentence and a concluding sentence, or was only back before the Internet?

Back to the Higgs boson, this is an exciting discovery.

As a second aside, the discovery could have been done here in the US, except when we were building a collider like Large Hadron Collider, we flinched.  In an age where "someone" is hacking everyone's secrets, the only way to stay ahead of the opposition is to be constantly innovating.  Letting Europe take the lead in subatomic physics is not staying ahead.

Regards  —  Cliff

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