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Friday, March 1, 2013

Future Adjectives

For John, BLUFFirst Day, but we have many more to come.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

This being the first day of Sequestration, it is time to look at how bad it will be.  On 23 February there was this article in The [Lowell] Sun, "Deep national-park cuts seen in budget standoff".  I blogged about it here.

One of the questions in my blog post was what adjective The Sun would use when the cuts moved past 5%, given that they were using "Deep" for the first traunch of cuts.

To help out the reporters and editors of The [Lowell] Sun I have put together this table from my computer thesaurus:

extending far downcavernousyawning
fathomlessunfathomable(rare) chasmic

No need to personally thank me.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Remember, articles in The [Lowell] Sun go away after a while, to a different place.  I will not be updating their links unless I am bedridden and have read every book in the house.


Neal said...

Except for those instances of Administration mandated and inflicted pain on the public (not as retribution...but a good solid motivational object lesson), perhaps BETTER adjectives might be "miniscule," "imperceptible," "superficial," "symbolic," "deceptive," "inadequate,".......just to name a few.

The Administration has choices regarding the amount of "suffering" that will be imposed on the society. Obama, et al, can make the "cuts" (which are so slight as to beg the use of magnification in order to actually see them) almost painless....or to inflict maximum discomfort in hopes that it will cause the electorate to clamor for Congress to do HIS bidding. Long lines for TSA and releasing illegals from confinement and prisoners from prisons are punitive....not necessary. They are purposeful in their implementation and typical of the sociopathic regime that is resident in DC today.

Too bad the British ran out of we need to really drain the swamp.

The New Englander said...

The hyperbolic rhetoric is amazing. the world will end with spending closer to 2009 levels? Then how did we make it out of 2009? Lots of straw men flying around too