Thursday, March 24, 2016

It May Not Be Over in November

For John, BLUFThe fun and games could continue into January 2017.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

We should probably file under "Don't know much about history".

From The Boston Globe we have "Moulton compares Trump’s rise to election of Hitler in 1930s".  That would be US Congress member Seth Moulton.  The Reporter is Mr Travis Andersen, of the Globe Staff.

Here is the gouge.  The voters in Germany did not elect Herr Adolf Hitler Chancellor.  No.  They elected people like Herr Seth Moulton, who then made Mr Hitler the Chancellor.

Anyway, here is the lede:

Representative Seth Moulton compared the rise of Republican presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump to the election of Adolf Hitler and said Wednesday that constituents should warn “that crazy uncle” against voting for the businessman if he wins the GOP nomination.
But, aside from making fun of a US Congressman for his ignorance of history, there is a practical lesson here.

While folks are focused on if the Republicans will have a contested Convention in Cleveland from 18 to 21 July of this year, maybe they should focus on the Electoral College.  If there is a breakdown in the Republican Party and a Third Party emerges and then no one gets the required 270 Electoral Votes, the election of the President will tumble into the US House of Representatives.  There Representative Seth Moulton will have a chance to elect some sort of a tyrannical scofflaw, like Herr Hitler.  Chose well Representative Moulton.  The future of the Republic could hang on your vote.

Hat tip to the MASSterList.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Chaos made more likely if Ms Hillary Clinton is indicted for breaking Federal Statutes, or is given a pass notwithstanding overwhelming evidence.  I am glad I am not Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  A lot is riding on her decision, her integrity.
  Did you have a "crazy uncle" who voted for Herr Hitler?

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