Friday, March 18, 2016

Senator E Warren Ducks Questions

For John, BLUFShe did a good job of ducking the questions and sticking to her message.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

Somewhere on the Internet I found this interview of our Senator, Ms E Warren.  The interview was being done by CBS.  The poster of this video noted that she was interviewed and "dodged and skirted around 11 questions in under 5 minutes during an interview on CBS This Morning Thursday" last.

Well, there is the dodging and weaving, but I thought the most interesting part was when she said:

...America's Middle Class is really on the ropes.  What we need is someone in the White House who is going to be out there fighting for them.  That is what this next election is going to be about.

The Republicans make it clear.  They are going to keep working for the rich and the powerful.  The Democrats are making it clear.  The're going to get out there for working families.

Really?  I don't think so.  The Democrat holy grail of big government means that big business will succeed (the rich and the powerful) and the small business will be squeezed out by an ever increasing bureaucracy that the small guy can't afford to hire people to cope with; the ever increasing regulations coming out of Washington that are overwhelming not just small businesses, but also small towns and cities.

Mr Trump, to take an example, has talked about the high unemployment rate for young Blacks.  This is a serious issue for this nation and I am not hearing innovative ideas out of the Democrats on Capitol Hill, or anywhere in the current Administration.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who couldn't answer a single question, has it wrong about the Parties and the little guy.  Neither are great, but the Republican are doing less harm than the Democrats.  And isn't that the first rule—"Do no harm"?

And, I think I got this from Rob Eno's Facebook page.  Thanks, Rob.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Anonymous said...

You're so right. Only trump is talking about helping minorities with jobs. He even said that one half sentence you mentioned! Meanwhile, Hillary remains silent. I mean, I did find one web page on some web site that calls itself but I am guessing it's basically unrelated to her or this issue and that, as you said, hillary has just refused to speak out. I'll leave the link here though just in case i might be wrong. It did take me a while to find it! I had to go to google and type in hillary and then click two more times ... so she is basically ducking the issue, I agree!

-left of lowell