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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rolling Down to Rio

For John, BLUFRemember the Munich Olympics?  Nothing to see here; just move along.

As we all know, the XXXI Olympiad (this Summer) will be in Brazil.  And, as we all know, Brazil is having some domestic political turmoil right now.  For instance, President Dilma Rousseff faces Impeachment.  And then there is the economic situation, although I would think hosting the Olympics would be a boost to the economy.

So, safety and security should be important considerations for the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the Brazilian Government.

From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Reporter Kim Brunhuber, we have "Brazil cuts security budget ahead of Summer Olympics".

Former police captain says Brazil isn't taking the risk of terror attack seriously enough
A Canadian friend of mine, who forwarded this, noted:
When Canada hosted the Winter Olympics, our security budget was ~1 Billion, and involved pretty much every security group we had (RCMP, CSEC, CSIS, Military, etc.).  Given what else is going on in Brazil, if I wanted to create an incident, this would be a prime target.
Rolling Down to Rio Regards  —  Cliff

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