Saturday, March 5, 2016

More Unsearched Documents

For John, BLUFMs Clinton is either the world's most unlucky candidate or runs way too close to the edge.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

"Release of Clinton Documents Delayed After State Department Discovers ‘Thousands’ of Unsearched Records".

The sub-headline is "Citizens United, Judicial Watch lawsuits affected by development".  Of course they are.

The source is The Washington Free Beacon and the reporter is Ms Alana Goodman.

Here is the lede:

The State Department’s recent discovery of thousands of unsearched records from Hillary Clinton’s tenure has delayed several public records lawsuits and could keep many of the documents out of the public sphere until next fall.
If there is anyone out there who is shocked by this turn of events, please post a comment and explain to us your thinking.

In the mean time, this does look like the Dep't of State protecting former Secretary of State Clinton in her run for the White House.

Hat tip to the InstaPundit.

Regards  —  Cliff

  Or GROSS incompetence, which doesn't bode well for our foreign policy execution.

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