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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sam Poulten Type Error

For John, BLUFMirror Imaging is bad.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

As is pointed out by Professor Elaine C. Kamarck, in her recent book, Primary Politics: Everything You Need to Know About How America Nominates Its Presidential Candidates, Superdelegates are a creature of the Democrat Party, with the Republicans being a trailing party.

Supposedly, the Republicans have 437 "unpledged" delegates to the RNC (out of 2470 total delegates, with 1237 needed to win).  The thing is, 168 are from the Republican Establishment (three per state, plus 3 each from other areas).  These are all pledged to vote, on the first ballot, based upon how their state, district or other political entity voted for.  So, those 168 are not free to pick their person.  This reduces the number of free floaters to 269.

The Democrats have about 717 super delegates out of 4768 total delegates (2,383 needed to win).  These folks are on their own, as shown by the Massachusetts superdelegate list, shown below.  Here is a list of all the Democrat superdelegates.

What happened with Mr Sam Poulten is that he was on the radio, two Thursdays ago, and he fell into mirror imaging.  He was talking about the Republicans and saying that the superdelegates would rule the roost.  Someone called in (who knows, but as a hint, he was a Republican) and said that it wasn't so on the First Round of voting.  This caller was shut down.  But, that doesn't change the facts.

On the first round, at the Republican Convention, the delegates from the political entities are committed to how the people in their political entity voted in the primary or caucus or other form of expressing an opinion.  After that it is Katie bar the door.

Regards  —  Cliff

  DC, Guam, PR, American Samoa, Northern Marianas, Virgin Islands.
  Here is the Mass List of Democrat Superdelegates.

1Virginia BarnesMADNCUncommitted
2Debra KozikowskiMADNCUncommitted
3Thomas M. McGeeMADNCUncommitted
4Susan ThomsonMADNCUncommitted
5Gus BickfordMADNCClinton
6Kate DonaghueMADNCClinton
7Ray JordanMADNCClinton
8Elaine KamarckMADNCClinton
9David O'BrienMADNCClinton
10James RooseveltMADNCUncommitted
11Marv McMoore, Jr.MADNCUncommitted
12Debra DeLeeMADPLUncommitted
13Steve GrossmanMADPLClinton
14Paul G. KirkMADPLSanders
15Michael CapuanoMARep.Clinton
16Katherine ClarkMARep.Clinton
17William KeatingMARep.Clinton
18Joseph P. Kennedy IIIMARep.Clinton
19Stephen F. LynchMARep.Clinton
20Jim McGovernMARep.Clinton
21Seth MoultonMARep.Clinton
22Richard NealMARep.Clinton
23Niki TsongasMARep.Clinton
24Ed MarkeyMASen.Clinton
25Elizabeth WarrenMASen.Uncommitted

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